Magnetic mount and wireless charging interference?

I was wondering if there’s any interference with owning a magnetic mount and wireless charging. I own a Samsung s5 and I can obtain a wireless charging adapter but I am worried that the metal plate I use will possibly heat up or interfere with wireless charging. Has anyone dealt with this?

The magnetic car mount has made it easy to mount the phone than using two hands for a clip one. And I was looking into wireless charging (especially since Anker sells the docks) but I had a concern about this.


Hey @Helix !

I own a Google Nexus 6, I have a Magnetic mount in my car and frequently use my Anker Qi charging device.

There has been no issues (If you place them properly). I use my magnet mount just underneath the camera (which does cover the Motorola finger indentation. The Qi sensors are just below that, so it has not been an issue.

I recommend using scotch tape to test both the mount and Qi charging before placing them first.

I’m hoping @Ankerofficial will listen when we ask for a car mount Qi charger.


So as long as it’s offset from the coil area, it’ll be fine? Have you noticed degraded charging times or anything in that sort from having the metal plate near it or completely off?

yes yes. A Qi magnetic car mount,…this is what I requested in the recent items for Anker to make next contest so I wouldn’t have to steer with my knees to plug in or mount my phone :flushed:

Nothing of that sort. The only small issue with the magnetic car mounts is the phone thinks it’s being docked/ported so it may turn off occasionally.

I’ve gotten used to the bumps of having this. Wouldn’t have it any other way. Love my set up while driving. Super easy. Less bulky than a traditional car mount on the dash or window.

The Qi charging process is a bit less efficient. But I like just throwing it on the Anker pad at night and grabbing it in the morning. Nice not fiddling with the cables and finding the whole (Yes, exactly…).

I’m excited to see what Anker will do to increase efficiency with the charging and making car mounts with integrated Qi charging.

Once iPhone jumps on to this, I’m sure we’ll see Anker spearhead this product.

I as well love the magnetic mounts. Mine has a tiny footprint so if the phone isn’t mounted it is totally unobtrusive in comparison to traditional mounts.
we have magnetic car mounts in all our vehicles so it doesn’t matter who is driving as long as you have the steel plate on your phone you slap it on with one hand, load google maps, and away you go…I just find myself reaching for the charge cord as soon as I start moving, very similar to reaching for the seatbelt after I start moving, so Qi would be sweet

Amen brother. Forget Google Maps, give Waze a try!

I used Waze for a few months and had mixed feelings. I still try it every so often when google gives grief. I didn’t like the popups that appeared as I found them annoying especially the new “your speeding” ones that were constant when I was behind the wheel and my back street drivers always commented. Unlike some US states that I have visited where the speed limits are higher but enforced more, we in Canada live by a 10-15 km/h over the speed limit rule. I have passed many police cars going over the limit and they never even look twice. The main reason though is in my city the Google arrival time prediction was more accurate compared with the Waze.

However, this is just my opinion and different city’s will have different results and I found Google maps not near as good in Idaho last year. Not enough input.

Thanks for the info, ill have to get my hands on one. Hopefully I can find the “sweet spot” for the metal plate.

I also love waze sometimes but I hate it that there are moments that it makes me go A-C-D-E-B instead of A-B.

I just seen this phone mount but it incorporates a case as well and is only for Iphone6. It’s a start

Yaaas! This is what I want!

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It’s so amazing, anker

I just got the Anker magnetic mount and I was able to find a spot on the bottom of the phone (galaxy s9plus) where the qi charger does not get blocked. The tough part of this is that if you dont line it up right it will get top heavy and fall off. I’m getting the hang of it though, and I really like the ease of getting it off.

I used this for a while but now I got the wireless charger and I no longer have to worry about plugging my phone in or it falling off. I have the same s9+