Magnetic micro usb cables? A gimick?

I’ve always thought about if Anker could solve the never ending problem to easily worn out, fragile usb connectors.
I’ve seen magnetic alternatives advertised by other companies but never really trusted them.

Would love to hear peoples thoughts on the infamous micro usb cable.

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I have had a few magnetic connectors, and while the theory is good and it’s use is functional it just didn’t last.

What you have is a magnetic plug that stays attached to your phone, this is great however I have had two different ones ruin the port. Another issue is that your constantly yanking or pulling the phone or cord and as we all know you don’t pull a cord except from the connector itself. This leads to premature wear and tear. On the two I had ,both connectors would start to pull out when trying to disconnect the phone or cable thus leading to added stress and issues with the port. Another issue was when charging that the port would get extremely hot, so much so it actually burned me.
The heat, cable pulling apart and the lack of a set standard I would pass on this


Can you guys share some product images or links on this?


This is one of the ones I had among others

I’m a bit late but I just realized the link never posted properly.
Anyway here is the right link

I am still waiting for Anker to come out with their own magnetic USB cable.

Some of these work great. Some of them are garbage. But the dealers never seem reliable. I cannot get them from the same place twice, and it’s up to a month shipping from china or hong kong.

And I trust Anker products.

Some will say fast charging while they are not. Others will leave out that they only charge and do not do data transfer.

US Lion CLAIMS to be fast charging. But after buying them and trying them out, I can confirm they are not (Phone would say slow charge, and depending on GPS app use, would actually lose charge while plugged in with these cables).

I have had better luck with NetDot Gen12. But they tend to be difficult to obtain, and sometimes the tips/plugs wear out. But at least they will fast-charge and do data.

I would LOVE some 6 or 10ft options in magnetic cables (preferably 3A charing) through Anker. They have been a life-saver on my ports.

Whats more, none of these appear to be available in ANY US stores. I don’t know why the tech hasn’t made it here yet. Everything has to be shipped from overseas. And I am always using second-hand dealers.

Please, Anker, when will you come out with a model?