MacOS App for Eufy Security

Hi all,

I’m using two Eufy Security 2K indoor pan & tilt cameras (both on the latest firmware) without HomeKit as of all the restrictions. Whatever, everything works…recording to a local sd-card, push notifications over the Eufy security app (iOS).
Yesterday I installed the latest version of the Eufy Security App for MacOS on my laptop (Big Sur). I see the cameras, see all the preview pictures and even the calendar in the upper window shows a little dot under each day with an event available.
But whenever I try to download a file onto my computer, nothing happens! The download manager within the app is showing “downloading” for a couple of minutes. Then it says: “download not possible” without any reason given. Of course both cameras a switched on and connected to the same wifi as the computer. When I open the specified download folder (tried different) I see several 0-byte files created.

Does anyone has the same issues or maybe a fix for that problem?

Thx everybody!