Do you guys think that Anker should make a portable power bank just to recharge a laptop/macbook.

I think with the new USB-C technology for the computers that are compatible you can use like the PowerCore 26800. If not a USB-C computer, how many mAh were you thinking about?

It would need to take a 5V supply. Does it?

Haven’t they done this just now with the PD family?

So what I do is converge my decision of computers towards to my decisions on chargers to shrink the total overall size weight and have redundancy. My traveling “laptop” is a USB-C 3A 5V Pixel C and I carry a Powerport5 USB-C and as a spare a Powerport2. So I am carrying just 1 USB-C 3A output and if that fails I have 2.4A output.

I dont carry a specific battery to output at the highest power, I use defensive method of plug in battery when I’m away from mains in advance to keep battery nearly full or at worst slow its drain

I do this because faster chargers actually weigh and cost more.

I agree with @Sjpower124. I think there are already perfectly suitable power banks, such as the PowerCore 26800. I don’t think Anker should make a dedicated power bank for a MacBook, rather, keep design tweaks in mind to make future power banks even more compatible with MacBooks, on top of working flawlessly with smartphones.

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I have an 2015 Max spec MacBook Air so the cable I’m using to charge is a mag safe. I was thinking why don’t they make magsafe cable.