Macbook Pro Extend to 2 screens

I have bought the Anker 7 in 2 Macbook Power expand direct and run the HDMI into my main HP monitor

I have a second screen and use the USB-C port on the dock to fit a anker usb-c to hdmi adapter and run the hdmi to my second monitor which only has a dvi and vga input so DVI but i cannot get it to display an image

Should i be able to do this ?

Do not know what you have done so far?

Did you go to the display section and try to detect for the second monitor? As stated sometimes it will not find it automatically. I know this is what is done for the PC and would figure it would be similar.

Believe this is working well for the First Monitor via the HDMI port on the Anker 7-in-2 USB-C hub

Do reach out to Anker Support to get this confirmed if this can work?

A picture of your setup will do a world of wonders… makes it easier to understand :slight_smile: