Mac vs. Windows?

I had to ask eventually. It’s time for a down and dirty discussion. Mac or Windows, and why?

I use Windows, because it’s more affordable, and I like the OS better… Oh… Did I mention we have USB 3.1 ports? And HDMI ports? Oh, and SD card readers. We have those too.

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PC all the way but I confess I love my Chromebook very much.

I’d happily take a Macbook for free, but I’d never buy one.

For many years I was a PC person, mainly because of work and ensuring compliance with operating systems but after using an iPhone I became a convert to Apple products and bought the 27" iMac. However, Microsoft has developed a new desktop computer that appears to be a wake up call to Apple’s tech complacency. So who knows what the future holds.

I feel much the same! I’ve always wanted to try a Chromebook for lighter work, but I’m just not willing to spend money on that since I have a perfectly working Windows laptop.

I too would take a free MacBook, but it’s not worth the thousands of dollars to me.

That’s true! Apple had some fantastic offerings at one point, but this 2016 MacBook Pro they launched really has me wondering what their future holds… I can see them going down in flames if they don’t change soon.

For general browsing, email, and google docs, you really can’t beat a Chromebook. Even the cheap ones feel very fast, and boot almost instantly. I have a PC nearby that I haven’t switched on in months since I started using the Chromebook. At work I still use a PC, but that’s for coding, etc.

I get free macs from my work and I absolutely love them. Not because I’m fond of Mac OS, but because I can run windows and Mac OS side by side with Parallels or VMWare fusion. I get the best of both worlds, software compatibility of mac and windows, and build quality of mac, all for free.

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Mac personally. Just used to it and they way it works with my iPhone, but increased Apple pricing all round here in the U.K. is making staying with Mac increasingly harder.

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True, it’s nice that Mac can dual boot Windows with Bootcamp. It’s almost impossible to dual booth macOS on Windows :frowning:

I’ve tried before!

You can, with a hackintosh. However, the hardware is extremely limited and there are driver issues.

Yeah, but I just mean with a general Windows PC. I’m not gonna limit myself to hackintosh hardware and have a cracked copy of macOS if I could just buy a Mac and dual boot Windows with no problems. That’s definitely a point for Mac.

Yup, if you can get any computer for work, get a mac. I am allowed a $4000 laptop upgrade every year, so i get a maxed macbook pro. Gotta love 2tb of ssd space.

A Mac is a PC.

Good one, lol. Technically a Mac is a “Personal Computer.” I guess I meant to say “Mac vs. Windows.”

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That’s more like it :blush: There are other OS’s too so it helps to phrase the question right.

Personally I prefer windows. But I’ve used and supported Mac OS 9 to the present, as well as a few Linux distros. Each has its place, each has its merits and pitfalls.

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Macs are darn expensive but darn good.

Where do you work??? :grin:

No, a Mac is not a PC. The IT industry has used these terms for decades in this manner.

This is coming from a 20+ year IT veteran.

Windows 7 Pro at work, Mac OS at home. Jumped ship from Windows computers at home around 2006/2007 and haven’t been back since.

Also an upside that the Apple hardware holds on average at least half it’s value after 3 years for resale. With the new prices now, I will need that in two more years :cold_sweat: