Mac rumors Anker's USB-C to Lightning Cables & Atom PD 1 30W Review

**Powerline+(Left) and the Powerline II(Right)

Atom PD1 Front & Back


I’m holding out for that 6 foot PowerLine+. Not sure I need an Atom & new cable at this point, but boy do I sure want them.


I would like both lengths of the Powerline+ to see if there is any difference in charge speed on the iPhone 8 and up

I don’t personally own an iPhone but have access to an iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X.

But… I do have an Atom pd-1 on the way, keep an eye out for a review.


I really want one of these. I wish I would have been chosen to beta test.

Stick around you be one of the chosen people sooner than later if you continue to contribute to the community.:slight_smile:

Well, they already chose the winners. Maybe they’ll do another drawing one day! :grin:

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I don’t need one either, just WANT one :joy:

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me with every anker product wanting to buy them all but not really needing a billion of each

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I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. Can’t wait to jump on this!

Awesome review!!

I have the PowerPort 2 with PD. I’ve been using it to charge other devices. But I pre-ordered my C-lightening and I can not freaking wait to try it out. I will also be posting a review once the cable arrives.

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They will. Keep checking the powerdraw and the power user page.