Lumos Smart Bulb 2.0 Launch

We’re happy to announce the launch of the 2nd generation of our Lumos series of smart bulbs! Lumos Smart Bulb - White 2.0 and Lumos Smart Bulb - Tunable White 2.0 are now more compact, so they’re even compatible with smaller lamp shades!

Because we rely on lighting every day, Lumos Smart Bulbs are built for practicality, as well as giving you customization of the illumination to suit your needs and schedules.

Lumos Smart Bulbs features:

  • Amazon Alexa compatibility, so you can control your home’s lights with your voice (Alexa-enabled devices sold separately)

  • Easy installation and setup with the free EufyHome app

  • Illumination schedules so the lights turn on automatically when you need them

  • Remote access to give you control of the lights when you’re away

  • Tunable brightness

  • Away Modes to randomly turn lights on and off to simulate activity at home when no one’s in

  • Multi-user access to give lighting control to everyone in your family

To celebrate the launch of our new Lumos Smart Bulbs, we’re taking 20% off on your purchase of our new Lumos bulbs, so you can get them at an amazing price! Act fast though because this limited discount is offered on a first come, first served basis!

Power On!

Lumos Smart Bulb - White 2.0 (20% OFF)
Valid: Limited quantity. First come, first served.
For Residents in: The US

Lumos Smart Bulb - Tunable White 2.0 (20% OFF)
Valid: Limited quantity. First come, first served.
For Residents in: The US


I assumed these also worked with Google Assistant. If not how hard would it be to add GA?


I wonder how these compare to my Philips hue bulbs

I’m looking at both on Amazon. What’s the difference?

@Nhi One you can just dim or make brighter and the tunable one you can actually change the color temperature to suite your liking

Compare with Philips hue bulbs, we can provide the same things with a more cheaper price.:grin:

Here are the advantages for us:

  • No Hub Required,easysetup and use(compared with philips)
  • Low Price,Low cost to try voice control Bulbs(compared with philips)

But can I have them for free? I got my Philips hue bulbs for free :wink:


I’ve got both Hue and 1 Lumos bulb.
I would have to say, Hue are better with functionality and their colour bulbs are amazing but as @AnkerOfficial has pointed out “expensive”

Thanks for the explanation. Do you know what the brightest dimmable smart bulb out there is? I’m looking for one that is bright enough to light my kitchen.

Here we go with the begging again :joy::wink:

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When is it coming to Canada??

I have a Philips Hue Go “that gets rarely used” and 3 Lumos (including 1 color one) that are used everyday.
Will get more lumos 2.0 :thumbsup:

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With eco!brigade doing so well in Europe, a light that won’t waste electric by switching on when you say to, and is led, would have been great over here.

Plus remember Edison was in the UK!.. Not that he actually invented the lightbulb.

Will a 2.0 tunable color version be added? And what about outdoor lighting?

I have no home, but I need a smart bulb! :joy:


That made me laugh more than it should have :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

We have added more details on the product listing, feel free to check it!

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I really want some of these Lumos but we have a Google device and this is only for Alexa… Can this be introduced with an update or is it locked down?

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It doesn’t appear to be Google assistant compatible… sorry

I know! I actually purchased this on Amazon with the discount code but as soon as I read Alexa compatible I had to cancel. We already have a Google mini at the house, would hate to buy an echo just to get these lights working via voice prompt