[Lowest Price Ever] PowerCore+ 26800 PD - Amazon US

If you’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to get a charger with power delivery capabilities, now may be the time!

Anker’s most powerful power bank is currently $23 off! It’s now cheaper than the slower and smaller PowerCore Speed 20000 PD!

Being capable of delivering a fast charge to your iPhone or Google Pixel, and being able to charge your compatible laptop much faster than a standard USB port sound cool and all… but the grand question arises…

How well does this all really work?

Well, answer is really well! Rated 4.5 stars on Amazon and passing my review with flying colors other than its bulk, the PowerCore+ 26800 PD performs excellently in daily use!

Don’t wait too long! Stock is limited! Get it on Amazon now for an all-time low $87!

What?! $87 isn’t low enough for you?! Do you still have a coupon leftover from when you originally registered with Anker? If so, you’re in so much luck, as you will be able to pick this up for just $72 with the $15 off $80 or more discount! That’s an absolutely incredible deal! Again, jump on this NOW while it lasts! (If stock lasts, this deal ends on November 29.) It’s a bargain!

Please share your thoughts on this deal below!


Is this a really good price? Can it be in black friday a best deal?

If you have the Anker store deal, I don’t think it’s beatable.

i was looking somehting like 60$ thats why, maybe on black friday ?

Nah, that would be about 50% off.

If you look at last year’s deals, they are mostly in the 15-30% off range.

I doubt the Black Friday deal will be available with the $15 off. It will likely be a code.

Plus, the current deal goes through November 28.

If you really desire a cheaper model though, I’d just wait for the PowerCore+ II 20000, as it will likely be slightly less expensive. Within a couple months of release, there should be a discount code for it.

A men can dream… i would insta buy it for 60$ but more than that is a lot, since i need to pay taxes were i live and they are very high

Dreaming won’t make much of a difference in the end. The reality is a great deal is happening now. You can either jump on it or let it pass by.

Are you sure in the black friday will not be something crazy like 40% ?

Sales are usually based on past sales as @joshuad11 mentioned before. So he’s right dreaming won’t change anything and most sales are jus 15-30% off

Keep in mind that this deal runs past BF

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do i smell a successful sales pitch from joshua the salesman?


Hehehe you’re funny

The Anker BF deals have been meh.

Anker do specials all year round not specific on BF.

Anyone doing deals on BF don’t get noticed as its one lemming jumping along with a thousand other lemmings. Best Anker deals are at other times. Do not in Anker’s case wait for BF just buy now or don’t.

Interesting. I never thought of this.

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I would snag it at this price. The RAVPower (A cheap knock off in comparison in my opinion) is $80 currently, and doesn’t come with a PD wall-wart.

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9 left in stock

This may be your last chance to get it at this price.

I’m afraid it is no longer wise to recommend this product with its even further increased price, unless it’s on sale of course.


What do you all think? Getting a little out of hand?

@joshuad11 I have noticed the price has been higher whenever it’s been out of stock. Not sure what the reasoning is but it’s generally been between 80 and 90 when in stock

I would recommend against purchasing this as well.

I tried purchasing this during the sale in November with the use of a coupon. Anker canceled my order for some reason and did not notify me. I e-mailed support, and since they only answer one e-mail a day I missed the sale and the coupon expired. The powerbank also sold out.

This product originally released with the price tag of $99.99 and shortly after they hiked up the price to 109.99.

This kind of price gouging should not be encouraged.

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