Low range bluetooth problem Sound Bud Slim

Hi everyone,

i bought Sound Bud Slim one year ago and this morning a problem appears.

Indeed, the bluetooth range droped and now my earpods will work with my phone next to the battery zone.

I mean when i put my phone in my pocket, the earpods and the phone disconnected, it now only works when the phone is on the table and when my earspods are under 1 meter distance.

Is someone had the same problem recently?

Thank you in advance

PS: Pardon my english, im french

Do you know the irony of this :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: lol

It sounds like your Bluetooth receiver is broken.

I would recommend contacting anker directly at service@soundcore.com

Let me know if you have any more questions!


Ahah yes, that’s ironic
I’ll send a mail

Thank you for your answer

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Have you tried pairing the Soundbuds Slim to another phone or device, how did it work.

Try to unpair, forget the connection on phone, pair again. Try to set of these steps work wise contact Anker Soundcore support. These are basic minimum steps to complete before contacting the support.

I do have sound buds slim that are a year old. I personally haven’t experienced this issue but I would say try to forget your phone from the earbuds (press and hold both volume button together).

If that doesn’t solve the problem, try connecting to a different device and see if the earbuds still disconnect. This should show if the problem is with the earbuds or just some kind of connection issue with your phone.

The final step (if everything above fails) is to contact Anker support at support@anker.com