Low Profile vs Regular sized Power Banks

As you all may know power banks come in various sizes and thicknesses depending on the capacity. I have a 20000mah low profile, slim power bank (Anker makes one called the Edge) these have phone like flat battery cells. Then there are traditional sized ones with cylindrical cells like an 18650 or something. I was wondering if there is an efficiency or life difference in these two different battery shapes/tech. More heat? Less output?


I always wondered this too good question man! Maybe Nigel can chime in he seems like a smart chap.

Sorry not smart enough here I saw the ask but don’t know the answer.

I thought about from a dieletric perspective and “one hand other hand” came to mind. So I Don’t know. Would have to run benchmark trials.

I typically turn to Battery University for topics like this. I found this article interesting:

“Charge and discharge characteristics of Li-polymer are identical to other Li-ion systems and do not require a dedicated charger. Safety issues are also similar in that protection circuits are needed. Gas buildup during charge can cause some prismatic and pouch cells to swell, and equipment manufacturers must make allowances for expansion. Li-polymer in a foil package may be less durable than Li-ion in the cylindrical package.”

That’s talking about failure modes.

Yes a cylinder is physically stronger both from pressure outwards, and from pressure inwards.

Try squeezing a Powercore+ Mini !

I wonder if cost is at play. Because I think the pouch/flat cells are probably more expensive to manufacture the cylinder ones are probably easy to acquire.

I remember reading somewhere that the pouch batteries tend to last less because of tighter tolerances in the lithium layers thing…not sure but apparently they stop holding capacity quicker than cylinder cells. Dunno. I think there’s more to it than just shape.

I think the general Anker trend is towards Lithium Polymer shaped batteries, with the imminent Powercore II 10000, following the Powercore II 20000.

My most loved most used travel battery is the Powercore 10000 , and anything which increases either its recharge time or say add a 2nd output port, or lower its size or weight, will be of interest.

However, the Powercore II 20000 is physically bigger than the Powercore 20000, so hoping the Power IQ 2.0 helps shrink things back down. [Edit: no it won’t]

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