Low power output while charging LG G2


I got my PowerCore A1214 a week ago. It charges really slowly, taking up to 3 hours for a 20% to 80% battery charge on my LG G2 (even on airplane mode). I’ve tried both the cable bundled with the power bank and my other cable. The battery of the phone is not the cause since it charges with normal speed using the original wall charger (80 minutes for a 20% to 80%). Using the PowerIQ port didn’t solve this neither.

I believe that some mechanism inside the power bank is limiting the power output. Is this the case or this particular piece which I’ve purchased is malfunctioning?

P.S.: I’ve used other power banks before and didn’t encounter this problem.

Hi @moosa , as you have tried more than one cable and your phone charges fine using the manufacturer’s wall charger it does sound like the PowerCore could have a fault. I would suggest you drop support@anker.com an email with your issue, troubleshooting undertaken and the serial/purchase date so they can assist you with further troubleshooting or replacement of your device under warranty.


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