Low Battery Notification

Hello. When I first got my wireless doorbell, I’m sure it notified me of a low battery. Now it doesn’t and the battery runs out without warning.

I can’t see a setting to enable it. I’m running Android.



Weird issue, contact support

I think that if you disable motion detection on the doorbell, it automatically disables push notifications, including the low battery notification.

Thanks. Motion detection was enabled but I wasn’t getting notifications for that either. Found a setting under Security > Device rules > Doorbell - when motion is detected > “Push notification” which was unchecked. Enabling that has enabled motion detection push notifications.

There’s a second setting under Doorbell Settings > Notification > Motion Detect, which I have switched off for now.

Will have to wait for the battery to get low again to check if this has worked.

Hope you start to get the low power notification now :+1: