Love this Powerport 2 Elite But Miss Fast Charge

Love this Powerport 2 Elite But Miss Fast Charge

This device is perfect for both Apple and Android devices. This charger comes in a standard Anker packaging so it is ultra compact. I was surprised by how small it is. It looks almost like a smaller version of a MacBook Air charger. But this also has a high output too. It was a strong plastic durable build so it can sure withstand a few drops without much damage. This will sure be my companion when I travel because it can quickly charge multiple devices and has no problem with overheating either.

But having 2 ports on one charger really helps out especially one that is as powerful and compact as this one. I am very familiar with Anker’s PowerIQ system and they charge my devices the fastest I’ve ever experienced.

One personal note is that I wished the color of the light would change colors of if the devices are all charged, it would turn green. The light doesn’t bother me at night but just wished there was more functionality to it other than being a light indicating there is current through the charger. Overall, this device is excellent value and you get way more value for your money for such a affordable device to eliminate dragging a single cable throughout your house when you can have multiple chargers set up ready to charge at maximum velocity." width=“666” height=“500”>

Nice post! Is this a prize that you won from our last campaign?:grin:

Yes this a prize. Thanks to Anker!

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