Loud squeaking/grinding noise from Robovac 11

Recently our Robovac has started to have a very loud squeaking/grinding sounds. We’ve cleaned everything we can think of. Is there anything we can do? Here’s a video of what’s going on.


If you have cleaned all accessible areas as per the user manual you would be best dropping support@eufylife.com an email with your issue, serial no and purchase date. Linking to the video you have posted should also help speed up assistance from the support team.


Seems there is a problem with the gearwheels.
Contact the


You made already a video, which is perfect.
You need not write much more.


@Aaron_Friedman2 So sorry that the machine isn’t working normally. Try the following and see:

-Remove and clean the rolling brush, side brushes; roll and clean the wheels
-Take out the dust collector and clean the suction inlet; then hold the vacuum upright with the bumper on the top, the suction fan on the bottom. Shake several times to see if anything went into the suction fan
-Reassemble the dust collector and filter to make they are properly aligned, clean if necessary

If it doesn’t work, simply contact us at support@eufylife.com with the ticket and your order ID. We’d do our best to resolve the problem. Please also confirm if the indicator is flashing or steady while the machine gives out the four-beep warning.

Merry Christmas to you and your family.

I have exactly the same problem, which started about a week ago and is getting worse. The squeaking continues after the roller brush has been removed, and appears to be coming from the motor driving the wheels. The wheels do not squeak if turned manually.

Create a video and send this to the eufy support.
They will help you, but keep in mind we have weekend now.
So it may take a while to get an answer.
By the way : Happy New Year in advance! :fireworks:

Sounds suspiciously like what I have just repaired on my RoboVac 11. Knackered bearings on the main sweeping brush electric motor: Robovac 11 sweeping brush

Its easy to do if you have a soldering iron and can get the gear wheel off the end of the old motor. Good luck


I had the same problem on my Robovac, turns out the side brush motor has striped its gears, found it for sale on Eufy, about 3 months later I had the same problem again. In the end, I’ve found a improved version of the gears for sale on ebay, bought, changed, is working fine for more than one year now…

Did the same.
All is fine.
By the way ist possible to buy spare parts directly from EUFY.
(Eufy’s website here)

But consider that noise could could be caused also from the middle brush.
A little bit tape on the “wheel” will help.