Lot of Products with Promotion Discount at Amazon ES

Hi guys,

Today there are lot of products with promotion at Amazon Spain.

Anker PowerCore+ 26800mAh with 58%

Eufy BodySense with 34%

Anker Zolo Liberty+

Anker Bolder LC90 LED with 55%

Others like Liberty Lite, Powerport II, Zolo Liberty, Soundcore Spirit with interesting promotions.



Wow! its only 57 US dollars. That’s a great deal for such a power house

Thanks for sharing

I just picked up a 2 pack of Soundcore Flare+ for under a hundred bucks. On sale discounted price + discount code.

@AnkerOfficial thanks for offer some impressive deals on your products this year. You guys are gonna make my family happy with their tech toys.


Flare or Flare+?

I missed read the sales page. it was a set of flairs :neutral_face: I gave them to my mother. She loves them.

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I was going to say to Flare+'s for under a hundred bucks that is a great deal :sunglasses:

Two regular flare speakers for under a hundred bucks is still a great deal I love my set. Their sound quality seems to improve with every firmware update not that it wasn’t great to start with.

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We like them as well but I have way to many speakers. As I get new ones to test or purchase, I plan on giving my older ones away to friends and family.

My mother is a bit tech challenged (70 years old but knows how to barely use an iPhone) can’t get the sync to work. Its mostly user error and doesn’t understand how the app works. So now I got a set of Flares again.

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