Lost ya iphone, or had it stolen?

Here is an easy to use guide from our lovely friends at CNET.

For an ANDROID PHONE, just Google
… FIND MY PHONE and login. Then depending on your settings, you can block/locate/take a photo/clear your phone etc.


Yep, I’ve been using find my iPhone for years :grin:. Didn’t know android had something like that… how long has it been around?

Really? What have you been living under a rock? Anyone who owns a smartphone knows how to track their phone in the event it gets lost or is stolen be it iOS or Android. You would have to be oblivious to the world around you if you do not know this


No, I just don’t use android :roll_eyes:. I’m leaving to go camping now. Be on on Saturday

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you spelt phone wrong plus why do we need this post we know we can allready do this.

Not everyone knows this, or why would CNET (one of the top tech sites) feel the need to post it?

As for the typo, as you obvs haven’t posted a new topic on a smartphone, you get 1 small (almost half) a line to type in. Just make sure you don’t ever do a typo :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

As for.posting this information… Just because you know it, doesn’t mean EVERYONE knows it. You’ll be surprised when you remove your head, how many don’t know it, and as we’re getting a huge influx of newbies, thought.it.would be useful.

That’s if I have.your permission, cos I never realised you were a mod! If ya don’t like something… Be an adult andove on
… simples

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Huh guess I’ve been under a rock as well then. Knew about Find My iPhone but never knew of Android equivalent for it

I know a guy that chased someone down in target using the find my iphone feature after they had stolen it :laughing:

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Watching a few cop shows, and a couple times they’ve caught them using find my iPhone.

SAMSUNG has included a find feature for years, as well as AVG antivirus, and Kaspersky.

It’s been an Android feature for a couple years or so now.

my iPad always hops around in my neighbourhood (when seen on find my iPhone). The first time I got suspicious that someone got into my home but found that it is not very accurate in location.

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It’s never good if the device is next to you, when you do… Find my phone.

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Thanks for sharing, some of us already knew but there’s always someone who doesn’t :smiley:


I was 18 miles away at office :man_facepalming:

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I’ve never had my phone stolen but I use this all the time when I put it down somewhere and forget. I swear that sound is scientifically designed to be as annoying as possible because it always wakes the whole house up when it’s at night :laughing:.

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I use find my phone on my smart watch if it’s not lost but not known where, usually it’s under something a few feet away :flushed:


Yes exactly, it’s always nearby haha

I’ve been lucky to have never lost or get my phone stolen :pray: I hope it continues like that

Same here, I have no intentions of breaking a 26 year run (this September) of never broken, lost or had it stolen.

Accidently left it at home a couple times, but that’s it!

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Darn it, you beat me. I have 24 years of never lost, broken a phone. The only consistent problem is finding it if I put it down and walking around to find it. My family members are similar “call my phone” to make it ring.

Imperfect, the smartwatch concept does help, it is on your wrist so you do not put it down and press a button to find the phone.

I also tried Tile but didn’t work so well.