Lost contact with all Devices after Yesterdays upgrade


Did anyone else lose contact with all devices after the upgrade yesterday? I was in Scotland and had been getting movement notifications, then Yesterday all contact was lost. I was also told that lights on cameras stopped, and the light on the base unit was flashing.

I got home today, and easily re-instated everything to the app. When the App was working, prior to yesterday, I couldn’t talk to my flat mate through the camera - neither of us could hear each other. I note the upgrade might have dealt with this. I will test it tomorrow.

Kind regards

Roy Jackson

Let us know how this worked out! We do know that many customers had their system kicked off the network due to this update, but the update has solved many small bugs with the system.

Mine is worse than that, it just tells me my Homebase is offline, nothing I do will bring it back. The Homebase seems to be working, cameras still come on buy the app is totally disconnected. No response from support@eufylife.com

My cameras also went offline with the update, and the HomeBase light went red. Power cycling router/HomeBase did nothing, flashes red then goes solid red. The system is still not working now, which is super inconvenient as every car on our street was broken into two nights ago. Having some footage of that would have been rather helpful.

Anyone manage to find a fix?

Are you able to delete the homebase from your app and re-pair as if you were setting up for the first time?

Try completely deleting the homebase and cams from your app, then re-pair as if they were brand new.

Same thing happened to me but i was able to re-add the device but cannot view all old events. I can see that there is 30% of the sd card full but the events do not show up in the app.

Send us an email. We’ll need to look further into this.