Loosing weight after holidays

eufy Smart Scale P1



Anyone have tips for:
someone needing to loose a few pounds?
someone needing to put on a few pounds?

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Loosing : Eat the half.
Gaining : Eat the double.


My weight usually gain after holidays.:zipper_mouth_face:

was not what I was expecting when I clicked on this. lol

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nice discount!

@Chiquinho deceiving members with his titles…tooo tempting to open the post just to find out surprises :smile:

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How is this called “honey pot”?:rofl:

Lol @ title

:rofl: Have you considered becoming a dietitian?

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I got a smart scale a while back. It doesn’t cause me to lose weight by any stretch, but as long as I step on at least a few times a week, I can’t live in denial until the weight gain piles up. And having the data automatically recorded means you can’t pretend the numbers haven’t changed that much. Very worthwhile


Tomorrow we have a real chance!


Wish it was that easy.

I know, I had never problems with weight.
Of course a little belly in my age is usual.
But we say
“Ein Mann ohne Bauch ist ein Krüppel”

unfortunately being Chinese we are not done yet…Chinese new year meal is gonna hurt lol

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Fortunately, being Chinese is associated with low BMI, on average.

However, that doesn’t translate to lower risk for diabetes and other issues.