Looking for Surface Pro X USB-C Hub

I’m searching for a USB-C hub for the new Microsoft Surface Pro X. I am not sure which one to get and looking for something cordless. Like the Anker Model A8371, it has everything I need 4K HDMI output, dual USB-A, and Thunderbolt, etc.

Since it is a dual USB-C Adapter and a perfect fit for Macbook; i’m wondering if it works for Surface Pro X? There is 2 USB ports on the left side of Pro X.

I’d assume not.

It says right there what it is known to work with:


Therefore if you bought it for anything other than those products, you’d have an obvious warranty issue claiming it not working with some other product.

Hi @Cruz, Anker doesn’t currently offer a hub with Thunderbolt 3 for you. However, if you’re not in imminent need, stay tuned because Anker has announced a couple that would work. We’re just waiting for them to be released at this point.