Looking for some powerbank advice

I need a powerbank for emergency power for my phone (power outages) are my main concern where i live. i need something that will give me a couple days worth of charge for my galaxy s9 plus.


You mean Something like this PowerHouse :sweat_smile:


Get this and you will be all set


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But If the 26800 Version, then please the PD Version:
https://www.anker.com/products/variant/anker-powercore–26800-pd-with-30w-power-delivery-charger/B1375112 :sunglasses:


I purchased a Powercore Fusion 5000 Wall Charger & Powerbank this past Saturday. It seems to be a great choice

PowerCore+ 26800 PD would not fast charge S9, but that probably doesn’t matter much during a power outage.

PowerCore+ 19000 PD offers both PD and PIQ2, albeit with a slightly lower capacity.


A 10k powerbank will give 2 n bit charges.

Best compromise overall is the 13k powerbanks, as plenty of charge, and lighter than others near its size.n

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I think @pauldey covered it :joy:.

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Lol. That PowerHouse would certainly do the trick.

I recently took the PowerCore 26800 with me on vacation. It’ll give you several days of use since it offers around 6 full chargers when the PowerCore is fully charged. ($65.99)

Like @pauldey and @joshuad11 said, there’s also the PowerCore+ 26800 PD that comes with a wall charger and a quick charge port for about $20 more. ($86.99)

Good luck! Hope that helps some. :slight_smile:


This is my favorite portable charger. At 5000 mAh that would keep you powered for a couple of days, probably more depending on your usage level. If you are managing power and not constantly watching videos and stuff it would keep you charged much longer than that even. In an emergency situation, that’s what you’d probably be doing. At $25 it’s an economical choice as well.

A solar panel would also charge both the battery and the phone in an emergency:


I use the 21w and keep multiple devices charged all summer without the grid at all. With intemittent sunshine, you could keep that galaxy powered indefinitely.

For $19.99, the power bank listed below is the most affordable option, and would keep you going for a couple of days (more if you manage power well). I have one of these as well and It’s been used alot. Still going after 2.5 years with no end in sight.