Looking for new earbuds

So im looking for new earbuds and i’m buying anker’s for the first time but looking at the amount of options is very confusing. Any recommendation?

There is more than one line of earbuds, which one is the newest?


Hi @Bashar_Tappouni , which model to buy depends on your intended usage and needs, such as gym, reading, work/calls…battery life, waterproofing etc


I’m not going to use them for a specific thing. I just want the best audio possible.

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Which type are you looking for, cause there are some Truly Wireless and wired Bluetooth. I have the Curve and use them for just about anything. These are Bluetooth wired. By wired I mean wired bud to bud. The Curve usually those go on sale for $19.99. I heard the Spirit X are better though.

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It all depends on what your looking for. As far as some being newer than others, that doesn’t really matter since they’re not “better versions” they’re just different models :grin:

If you want true wireless earbuds, I would recommend the soundcore liberty air. They are a great price, and provide an excellent product. Here we have one of our trusted fellow community members who talks about how they are “better than Apple AirPods in every way”.

If you want in ear earbuds, I really need more information on what exactly you want.

  1. Do you want earhooks?
  2. Do you need waterproofing?
  3. What is the minimum battery life you need?
  4. What will you be using them for? Do they need to be durable? (For landscaping or other physical work)

Also, include any other features you want.

While there are several pairs of earbuds anker makes, they all have distinctive features. I (and other community members) can help you decide which pair best suits your needs/wants.

Best of luck!


Both the Curve and Spirit X models are very good, bass is a tad better for some on the Curve’s though I’ve found the Spirit to have the better degree of audio quality…audio unfortunately a subjective thing…

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Here’s some more information,

I’m looking for Wireless earbuds (not true wireless because i’m gonna end up losing one of them…). I’m using them in the gym, studying, listening to music before sleeping, the regular uses throughout the day, About the style of the earbudys, In-ear earbuds without any hooks over the ears.

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Depending on if price is a major factor, your looking at the Spirit, Spirit Pro or Slim+ as the best options


@ndalby is correct. I would recocmend the trues witless earbuds, because I hear they stay in your ears very well. But it’s up to you :wink:

I will be purchasing a pair, if I don’t get the pair from the anker auction house :wink:. @ndalby want to steal them from me :disappointed::joy:

Just thinking of your bucks tally :wink: :laughing:


Nice recommendation @ndalby

Spirit brand is the newest line?

Wanted to add something, I care a lot about the Microphone performance.

The SoundCore Spirit models are the newer ones (minus ear hooks) by about 6 months over the Slim+ , which are the cheapest of the three…both the Slim+ & Spirit Pro models have aptX for improved audio…

So on amazon canada, the difference in price between the SoundBuds line and the Spirit line is between 10 and 20 dollars, is it worth paying that extra amount?

This topic has been discussed so many times.

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I own Spirit and Slim+.

I prefer the Slim+ as they work more reliably with my phone. May be BT version thing

I agree with @ndalby go for the Spirit Series or the Slime+ I have earbuds from the Slims up to the Spirit X. They are all good quality but I think the Spirit X have the best sound quality with decent bass. I haven’t tried the Spirit Pro but judging by the reviews I think these are a good option as well.

So looks like most of the members have settled with Spirit X and Slims. I don’t have any experience with Spirit X but do own a pair of Soundbuds Slim. I also have a review on them on the forum here. You can check it out and weigh your options depending on that.

I will recommend the Liberty Neo, but I have only use the microphone twice, great quality. If isolation is what your looking for the Neos are the right choice. If you need to be aware of your environment this are not the way to go.

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If you want a “cheap” pair of Bluetooth head/earphones then I’d HIGHLY recommend the spirit sport.

They last all day, have a fantastic sound, and stay in your ears (and no ear hooks… I personally don’t like hooks).

But you WONT go wrong with any soundcore spirit earphones.