Looking for help - stuck in loop

Hi Anker community!

I got a bit of a problem. I think I managed to get my Anker Soundcore A3102 stuck in pairing mode. I was attempting to connect my phone with the speaker by holding in the Bluetooth button, but now it seems to just be stuck in it. It will periodically make its little jingle and the light will turn off an on.

It does not react to me attempting to turn it off. I am halfway just thinking of waiting till it runs out of battery, but I really don’t wanna listen to it.

Does anyone have any tips or tricks in order to get it back to normal?

Have you deleted the item from the bt list and try a connecting it again?
Have you tried to connect it with another bt-source?
Have you tried a reset of the speaker?

Yes, I have tried everything so far.

It is still on and making noise. It has been about 21 hours now haha.

It has to run out of battery soon, I reckon.

Ok this is another chance.
No battery power no noise, charging again the last chance.
A total drop drop down of the battery could cause a kind of reset.
“Hope dies at last”
Good luck and enjoy the weekend!

I think there was a kinda of reset with holding the power button and BT button at the same time. I think that was what I was doing with the soundcore 3s as I was playing around with them. (At work and can not retest). If not that one, you can try power and plus at the same time.

The issue may be that if that does not work or other suggestions, you may can get other suggestions from service@soundcore.com. The only issue is that they have limited or no responses during the weekends.

Unsure how long a device pairing takes up energy wise but you may be waiting longer than you think.

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Seems like you will have to wait it out

This is just a guess, so probability correct is low, but if this was happening to me I’d be guessing the buttons are stuck. I’d be looking at pressing a bit, releasing, and if anything it exposed to outside world, I’d be using a isopropyl alchocol and clean the buttons.

Or give a whack, does similar.

There is an faq on anker site showing how to reset… page 2


In standby mode press and hold BT button for 2s

Other tidy tidbits there too, hopefully one that is useful.

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