Looking for details on AK-A2240011 Car Charger

I found this charger on Amazon and was looking to use the USB C PD port for charging a small laptop. I see on Amazon it lists that is is 54W, but I cannot find the charger listed on the Anker website, so I was wondering where I might find details on it or a newer version.

Anker Quick Charge 3.0 & USB Type-C 54W 4-Port USB Car Charger, PowerDrive+ 4


Hi, the model you are looking at will not charge your laptop very well, as the USB-C port is actual not power delivery compliant.

There is a new car charger coming with 1 USB-A port and 1 USB-C PD port, but we don’t know exactly when. It was showed off a couple months ago at CES.


Hi @wiseman13 the USB c Port Support 5V with max 3A so No PD…


Yeah I saw it at CES. I think that they said it would only be 36 Watt when I asked them about it at the booth, so I will continue my search. This is for my RV so I can charge when boondocked. I do not have an inverter, but I have a spare 10a 12v line I can hook up for charging my USB C laptop.

Actually, 36W of power delivery would probably be enough to charge your laptop. Any other details from CES you care to share? We’d love to hear about your experience and what you saw and they told you about future products!

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It might charge it, but not while in use. The LENOVO YOGA 720 supply outputs 45W, so based on my reading a 36W would charge it when the screen is off only.

As for other news from CES I would say that they had a well put together booth with a lot of knowledgeable staff on hand to answer questions. Even someone with an EE degree pushing to specifics on power distribution, which is why I understand the reasons for not trying to push above 36W right now.

My favorite part was their sound demo rooms. They were really quite insulated so you could block out the din of the floor as you listened to the smart enabled speakers.

I also enjoyed seeing the new projector, but was disappointed that it was not even 720 native.

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