Looking for clarification on Brightness & contrast ratios for Mars, Mars Lite and Mars 2 Projectors

FYI: this is a copy pasta from my post on their Facebook page, which might be useful to some folks. Ill update it if it gets answered:

Im Looking for clarity on Mars vs Mars Lite vs Mars 2 specs such as brightness and contrast ratio:

There are multiple sources of truth for brightness and contrast ratio for these 3 projectors and im looking for confirmation which ones are correct.

Nebula Mars(1st gen): According to https://seenebula.com/pages/mars it has 3000 lumens brightness and 5000:1 contrast ratio. Is that correct?
According to Amazon it only has 500 lumen brightness. Which one is the correct brightness and contrast ratio?

**Nebula Mars Lite(**no smart features): According to https://www.amazon.com/Portable-Speakers-Playtime-1-Second-Autofocus/dp/B079YZNKD5 it has 500 lumen brightness when plugged in and 300 when battery powered. Is that correct?
According to User Manual at https://fccid.io/2AB7K-D2321/Users-Manual/Users-Manual-3577836 it has 500 lumen brightness and 1000:1 contrast ratio. Is that correct?

Nebula Mars 2: According to the User Manual at https://fccid.io/2AOKB-D2322/User-Manual/Users-Manual-3870086 it has 300 lumen brightness and again 1000:1 contrast ratio

Can you please clarify what are the brightness and contrast ratio attributes of these 3 projectors: Mars, Mars Lite and Mars 2

From a quick glance at your post, I can say that there is a difference between lumens and ANSI lumens. I’m sure someone else will be able to fully analyze it and provide a more detailed response. If not, I’ll try to later.

ANSI Lumens vs “marketing” lumens makes sense, still there is plenty of misinformation regarding different contrast ratios

What im curious about is if Nebula Mars Lite is essentially Nebula Mars 1 with all the same optical hardware and sensors but without the smart capabilities.

Does Mars 1 really have 5000:1 contrast ratio while Mars Lite and Mars 2 have only 1000:1 ratio?

Based on resolution, Mars Lite(1280x800) has more in common with Mars 1(1280x800) rather than Mars 2(1280x720).

Did Anker really produce 3 distinct hardware configurations for these 3 projector or was Lite a simpler version of Mars 1.

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I think one of the three official Anker accounts would be able to answer your questions for you.

@AnkerOfficial @AnkerSupport @AnkerTechnical

Of course, you can always contact support, as well, by emailing support@anker.com

Sorry I cannot be of more assistance as I am not affiliated with Anker, but I hope this points you in the right direction.


I got a response from Anker folks at Im Looking for clarity on Mars Lite vs... - Vladimir Gurovich | Facebook which confirmed my thoughts:


Thanks for letting us know

I just spoke to someone on Nebula’s website chat and this is what I have gathered.

Mars Lite is 300 Ansi lumens when plugged in and 200 when it is not

Original Mars is 300 unplugged and 500 when plugged in

The mars II is 300 plugged and 200 unplugged and the Mars II pro is 500 plugged and 300 unplugged.