Looking for: Anker PowerCore+ 26800 PD Power Bank

I don’t know if these types of posts are allowed, but I really would like to buy this power bank.

It is incredibly expensive and I do not need the wall charger, or even any cables. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in selling me just the power bank at a reduced cost.

I do apologize if this isn’t allowed on here.

I’m not too sure if it is allowed or not, but you can buy it without the wall charger. And if you aren’t set on wanting the 26800 PD then there is a 20100 PD variant, which would be cheaper again.

Unfortunately @k_pug2003 it’s only available without the wall charger in the UK. But here in the states it’s sold as a bundle

@elmo41683 u mean for once UK gets a better deal :yum::joy:

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On a side note @AnkerOfficial when checking out the Powercore speed 20000 PD on the UK site the product description is in German.


Hi @Davchun , buying/selling/trading of items outside of official Anker retailers is discouraged on the forums due to the impact it can have on warranties and possiblity of fraud, if sale/trade of goods is not followed through with from both parties. It can also aid the introduction of counterfeit items into circulation, as they are coming from a third party.


Thank you, but I live in the US and there is no standalone charger; it is only sold as a bundle.

Also, the 20000 PD Speed battery only outputs 22.5W according to Amazon. I would like at least 30W for my iPad Pro 10.5

@Davchun while yes your ipad would ideally like 30watts to fast charge it at max speed, it will still benefit significantly even at 22.5 watts. In fact the lower charging input is more beneficial to the ipad battery longevity. If I was you and I needed a PD batterypack I wouldn’t hesitate to use the 20k pd

Thanks for your feedback! We updates the information now.