Looking for Anker powerbank to power my Zoom H6 recorder

Has anyone used an Anker powerbank to power a Zomm H6 field recorder please?

If so can you tell me which model you use

Not sure if anyone here has a Zoom H6 field recorder :face_with_monocle:

The Zoom H6 uses a mini USB cable to charge/power it on. With that in mind, you can use ANY Anker battery pack that had a USB port on it. The only difference between them, besides how fast they can charge a device would be the capacity and how much weight you are willing to carry around with you.

So if weight is not an issue, then go for the highest capacity for your needs. Just be aware that higher capacity packs also take longer to charge, so make sure you have a proper charger for it

Hope this helps you in deciding what route you want to go