Looking for a USB-C hub ... don't care about USB-A

My old desktop only came with one USB-C port. I need at least 2 USB-C data ports, preferably 3. I thought I could find a USB-C hub easily, but nearly all of the USB-C hubs give you multiple USB-A ports and only 1 USB-C data port. Some have 2 USB-C ports, but only 1 is data and the other is PD (input) to charge the laptop. I don’t necessarily need PD …

Seems like the only Anker products with multiple USB-C data ports are their docks (>$200) or the one made for MacBook. I found a few from other brands, but they are ridiculously priced and/or not so great reviews:

Hoping to spend <$30. Anyone have a good experience with a USB-C hub that gives you multiple USB-C data ports?

Because there are so many true USB-C fans here,
I am sure you will get some hints.
Not me! Never had a laptop with USB-C :grin:

NOTE: I bought this Anker PowerExpand+ 7-in-1 a while ago. I didn’t pay too much attention to it. Just saw that it had 2 USB-C ports, so I thought I was good. But nope. One of the USB-C ports is ONLY for PD in. I thought it would be either PD-in or data. Stupid me for making bad assumption.

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