Looking for a truly secure mount for eufycam 2

After receiving my eufycam 2 cams, I was a bit disappointed to see how easy it was to unscrew the camera from the outdoor mount. This may be fine if you’ve got your camera up high or out of reach but if a determined thief can access it then it wouldn’t take much to steal it. I’ve seen some great secure mounts for Arlo and Blink XT that have a secure plastic harness that goes around the camera and they are then also secured by a small chain. Search for Holaca blink xt mount on Amazon to see what I mean.

Has anyone had any luck/could recommend a decent secure mount for eufyCam 2?


@JP121 Hi there!

Thank you for letting us know your concern.

For the mounting issue, we do have a compatible model from other Amazon sellers. Hereby attached the link as the reference:


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This is not a secure mount, anyone can still steal the $100+ camera,
Last year I double nutted a stud with loctite RED with a chain in between the nuts and secured it to a solid point with a padlock. Anyone can still steal the camera, but the added security will make it a little bit harder than just unscrewing the camera. But it still boils down to, anyone can steal these $100+ cameras and get away with it as there is no way to securely mount the cameras. The so called siren, it gets laughed at and no one pays attention to it.
An optional security case of some design should be made so the camera can’t be just easily cut away or removed from it’s base. Honestly, last year if someone really wanted to steel my camera all they needed was a chain cutter…