Look Out TVs! There's a New King in Town

Hi, Nebula Fans,

Times are changing.

For decades, TVs have dominated the home entertainment arena, charming home entertainment aficionados the world over.

But there has been an awakening. After years of languishing in obscurity, projectors have finally arisen to challenge TVs. Now they are ready to prove themselves as the go-to choice for those seeking the ultimate home cinema experience.

To show you why projectors are ready to go toe-to-toe with TVs, we’re pitting these two entertainment heavyweights against one another in a best-of-3 battle for supremacy.

Let’s Get Ready To Fight!

Round 1: Screen Size

Modern TVs are bigger than ever. The majority max out at around 80 inches, though there are rumblings of 100+ inch leviathans on the horizon. Sure, these ginormous screen sizes sound exhilarating, but they’re painfully expensive, with some costing well over $2,000.

Projectors, on the other hand, are capable of delivering screen sizes well in excess of 100 inches. Prizm II, for example, delivers a 120-inch image for a fraction of the cost of a 65-inch TV. And of course, larger screens equal a more immersive home movie experience.

Winner: Projectors

Round 2: Space

If you desire a TV capable of fulfilling your home theater fantasy, you’re looking at anything upwards of 65 inches in size. Such beasts will consume a vast amount of wall space.

Projectors, by comparison, are much smaller. That is if you’re just counting the projector itself in the equation. In order to unleash your projector’s full potential, you’ll need to clear a wall space capable of handing an image up 120 inches in size.

Of course, you could adjust the size of the projector screen to save space. However, for your home theater setup, you’re likely wanting to utilize every last inch at your disposal.

So while projectors are smaller in physical size, TVs win this round.

Winner: TVs

Round 3: Portability

Pocket-sized projectors such as Capsule are light on their feet—you can take them anywhere, from mountains high to beside the sea. Even larger home-based projectors like Prizm II can be easily be moved from room to room.

TVs lack this watch-anywhere advantage. They’re often too heavy or cumbersome to move from place to place quickly and efficiently, with larger models often requiring at least 2 people to transport them. What’s more, many larger-form TVs are wall-mounted, further limiting their portability.

Winner: Projectors

Overall Winner: Projectors

Congratulations projectors! You are the champions.

To celebrate team projector’s resounding win, we’ve lined up a selection of dynamite discounts on an all-star range of Nebula projectors.

Prizm: The home entertainment experience everyone can enjoy. Recapture the magic of movies, right from the comfort of your couch with a 90” image and an immersive 5W speaker.

Use code PRIZM2210 at checkout to get Prizm for just $66.99.

Prizm II: See your favorite movies in vibrant detail and stunning size. A Full HD 1080p 120-inch image and dual speakers deliver a blockbuster entertainment extravaganza.

Use code PRIZM246 at checkout to get Prizm II for only $183.99.

Capsule II: The World’s First Android TV Pocket Cinema. Enjoy big-screen entertainment wherever you are in high definition.

Buy now for only $399.99!

Was $579.79


Congratulations Projetors!! and thanks for nice deals :ok_hand:


ha! thanks for the deals


nice deals!


Man, I was hoping for a giveaway :joy:


Nice comparison, will help users looking to firm up on TV or Projectors. I was in this dilemma whether to go for a TV or Projector for our bedroom. Ended up buying TV, Point 2 - Space makes perfect sense!

Thanks @AnkerOfficial for sharing this comparison!

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The summary is not bad, but misses out on several important factors. These aren’t a no brainer yet, or even close.
Projectors often struggle to get enough brightness to show up clearly in well lit rooms. Nice for dark home theater rooms, but in a room that gets outside light not as good. Can’t really tell how well this one will do with that.
To get a really good picture, you either need a projector screen, or a smooth wall in the appropriate color, often requiring a dedicated surface. At the beach this week, and there isn’t a single wall or room in this house that would be appropriate for a projector directly. And there isn’t really one in my house either, I would have to repaint to make it happen.
And the price is similar - 1080p 40" TVs are available around $200 as well. While the Prizm 2 is 1080p, and can display up to 120", I would bet it looks more like TV quality and brightness at 40" than 120".
I would love to be proven wrong. The new technologies may have improved projectors so dramatically that this really makes sense now. But I haven’t seen it in any projectors I have seen in use yet.


SWEET deals… you’ve got me thinking

You made pretty good points :clap:

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Do point 1 and point 3 convince you a little bit now? :rofl:

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Very well-made point! The projector needs a darker light to fully present an immersive viewing experience. :movie_camera:

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Thinking of getting a Prizm II and enjoy the movie life? :laughing:

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@ankerofficial when are y’all going to come out with a Laser Projector thats reasonably priced?

oh yeah! temps will be dropping soon and it’ be nice to sit on the patio

I love it ! Sounds amazing !

Act soon before the deal gets expired on 19th. :grin:

well done projectors TV’s should be made to be mobile :slight_smile:

@AnkerOfficial I would love to test out how games are on the projector. Big gamer here, but I’d like to see if it can handle my gaming on Xbox or PC.

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Some good points made for and against the winner of TV/Projector crown…was impressed with my friends original Capsule but TV’s are still my preference on a number of levels :raised_hands:

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