Login Issues - Certificate Expired

I got messages from FF and Chrome :
You might check this.
Of course it is possible to avoid this, but better is to renew.

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Ankers people are gone for almost a week and then this happens :rage::rage::rage: :joy::joy::joy:

Yeah dropped a direct message to @AnkerOfficial and @AnkerTechnical on the off chance they are just scanning during the holidays…hardly make or break for most users as you can get around it with an exception (mainly seems to be on the PU page) but yes it is bad timing (and only a yearly cert :confused:)


Did anyone else get the following message?


I got confused with this message i can’t login using my normal safari but could login with my downloader app using safari on desktop mode don’t know what’s the problem is here

Yep, I’m getting the same thing it keeps telling me that the security certificate has expired and my connection may not be secure.

I just said I was happy enough and now it works :joy:

Ack! I’m getting the message about an expired certificate, too. Thanks for reaching out to the admins, @ndalby !

Think I will ask them, if there is a free job for an “old ADMIN”. This was my job for many years! :wink:

I got that same message on my Chrome browser.

same here too. It makes landing a lucky number extra hard… its is unfortunate after spending hours staring at my computer screen the last few days. :cry:confused::confused: oh well hopefully they fix this before the lucky number contest ends.

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What a coincidence! Might get this fixed after 21st.

Well this is sloppy. You can renew the certificate up to 120 days before it expires so they’ve had almost 4 months to sort this out. Lunar New Year is no excuse.

Just a heads up the SSL certificate used for HTTPS has expired on the https://community.anker.com/forum website. Anker will have to renew their certificate to eliminate the error. In the meantime you can simply make an exception in your browser to get to the site. You will see a similar error below…

"There is a problem with this website’s security certificate.

The security certificate presented by this website has expired or is not yet valid.
**Security certificate problems may indicate an attempt to fool you or intercept any data you send to the server. **

**We recommend that you close this webpage and do not continue to this website. **
Click here to close this webpage.
Continue to this website (not recommended). "

You can choose to continue to website without fear since there is nothing malicious about this error but simply that their certificate has expired from GoDaddy and needs to be removed.

I hope Anker see’s this and address’ the issue soon.



Could use let’s encrypt with cronjob to auto renew. That’s what we do with our work stuff.

Yeah I’ve had the same message. I was beginning to wonder if it was only me. Glad to see I’m not crazy.

Yeeeeeep. Exactly the same for me.

But at least we can reach forum and I think they will solve it tomorrow.

Yeah. It took me most of the day of trying every once and a while to get back on.