Live View

Dumb question but I can’t find it. How do I activate live view so I can see where to place doorbell?

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Hi @bartling,

You may not be able to check the live view before the installation.
Please contact eufy team at with a photo of your door if possible, so our engineers can give you an proper advice about where to place it. :relaxed:

Thanks for your understanding

Why the support confuses people. From the quick start guide.

“Step 4 Finding a mounting spot”

“Take the video doorbell to your front door and check the live view at the app at the same time. Find a location where you can get the desired field of view”

They just neglect to say you may not be able to do that. I wonder what else I may not be able to do?

If you want to hook it up (the wires or wifi etc) before the mounting bracket, you can do that. You will have to proceed with the installation of the doorbell (connecting to wifi and then your device like phone or tablet) and from there you can see the view if you press the doorbell up to the frame or wherever you are mounting it. It should be rather easy and straightforward.