Live View for Eufy Security MacOS App

The Eufy Security app for MacOS enables you to download video clips in batches from eufy Security devices (including eufyCam, Floodlight Cam ) to your local computer.

Please add the same functionality as in the mobile Apps, including the Live View Option!!!

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I agree, a usable app that allows the interface of the mobile app for the Mac computers would be nice.

Its my understanding that with the changes in the current Mac OS, writing the mobile app and the desktop app for mac is almost identical, you just have to allow the desktop Macs to “See” the App in the Mac App Store.

So since they already have a iPhone app, its only a minor change to port it to the Mac Desktop computers. From what I understand, it really is only a few minor changes.

So a Mac app that allows a live interface should be fairly easy since you already have 90% of it already written.



I would love to have live view from multiple cameras in the macOS app. I have a mix of Eufy and Reolink cameras, and I use this feature in the Reolink app a lot. While I’m working at home I usually have the Reolink app open so I can see anyone who comes to the door.

It’s possible that the iPad app will be ported to macOS for M powered Macs, but I hope we get improvements to the x86 version too.