Lithium ion powered inverter

hi was just watching videos on YouTube of people using lithium ion batteries to store power in their campervan builds especially for 12v. one thing that caught my attention was the voltages inverters operate at doesn’t benefit the full use of of a lithium battery capacity compared to lead acid batteries. are there any plans for a lithium ion compatible inverter or something similar in the near future? #anker

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You will probably want to tag @AnkerOfficial and @AnkerTechnical for this one :wink:. @joshuad11 May have an idea as well :grinning:

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Haven’t seen anything

Currently we don’t have plans, but in the future, who knows?:grin:

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one issue with 12V li-ion vs lead acid is the cost. While a regular 12V lead acid will cost around $100-150 the same 12V li ion will cost you $1300-1500

I plan on doing a camper build in the near future and want to use lithium 18650 battery packs for the DIY power wall in my van. And was think it would be a good idea.

How to you plan to control the charging/discharging?

With the right setup you can control and set parameters on how much to charge and discharge.
It’s not a setup you would want to cut corners on.