Lithium Ion batteries banned as cargo in US

EDIT: This appears to only affect cargo.

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As long as I can take one in a carry on I’m fine…

yes i always carry on anyway becuase i need to keep that flight entertainment going :smile:

I generally keep my spare batteries with me (whether that’s my portable battery pack or my spare camera batteries), but that’s good to know and watch out for. Thanks for sharing!

I saw this on my last plane ride. Didn’t think too much of it as I have my PowerCore+ 26,800 stored in my carry-on backpack. Now if they make the ban to include carry-on luggage then it is a huge issue for me!

Its been a rule for a while now that the only batteries you can bring have to be carried on with you and not in checked luggage. as for this it does state

:The rules do not restrict passengers or crew members from bringing personal items or electronic devices containing lithium cells or batteries aboard aircraft, or restrict cargo planes from transporting lithium-ion cells or batteries at a state of charge exceeding 30 percent when packed with or contained in equipment or devices.

Well, it might be worth to look what is behind such rule.

And that is the fact, that such batteries - if damaged or short cut - begin to burn or even explode. So if this happens in the luggage room no one will get notice - until some alarm appears in the cockpit …

So if in handluggage, the risk of damage and shortcut is reduced - and if something happens the source can be located very fast.

I hope the crew is prepared for such event.

Some time ago they were not yet prepared: I know about a heavy smoking laptop, which then was covered by the crew with the normal sleeping blankets. Can not be extinguished with water ! Or you have a big basket full of water, where to drop the whole thing in …

So it would be better to cover such a small bomb with some non burning and “smoke-tight” special blankets - I hope they have now such an equipment in the aircrafts …

You should never ever get a lithium battery that’s damaged wet, yet alone drop the whole thing into a bucket… Unless of course you want an explosion to occurred as the lithium accelerates the breakdown of the other cells at a rapid pace

I think this is a good rule for passenger safety. Unattended liion in checkedin luggage that does through extreme temperature changes is never a good idea. Checked in luggage is in more controlled environment with more oversight. I like this :slight_smile:

This has already been a requirement by the airlines in the US for a long time, I guess they just enforced it even more

It usually goes in my carry on anyhow, but I guess that makes sense

I thought this was already a rule, too. And who doesn’t have their power bank in my carry-on anyways? :joy:

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