Linux vs Mac OS

Since 85% of personal computer users use windows, let’s compare the other two operating systems. As for Linux, just consider the main flavors: Debian, Ubuntu, etc.

What devices run Linux… not too familiar with that name whatsoever.

Your mac does


Same dam thing, funny you would ask, I still think back to being told it ain’t so that they were going to put Intel chips in chugh–apple products

I have used Linux since 1995, I’m typing this on Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS.

I use WINE for Office and Virtualbox to boot a Windows 10 VM.

So I can do pretty much everything, not just what a Mac or a windows machine but all of them and things they cant do.

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Keep at it-

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I wrote hex machine code in 1981. I couldn’t afford Assembler that year.

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