Linking Two Anker 3.0 Docking Stations

I have two Two Anker 3.0 Docking Stations. What would be the appropriate way to link these two docking stations so that I have additional USB ports?


Which 2 USB-C hub models do you want to use together? Like a daisy chain from one to another… I have doubts if this may work properly without using a PD supply to one of the hubs


I would say each docking station needs its own port @pmayerowitz

As @Shenoy correctly asks, you do need to be very precise on exact model numbers as Anker makes a vast quantity of products globally.

The safest answer is it won’t work. Possibly if one of them are powered hubs, but in general there is not enough power coming out one port to power a hub and it’s ports.

If you can reply with exact model we can see if they are powered.

Just get a USB hub and plug it into one of the USB-A ports on the Anker Docking Station, that will add regular USB ports. A small USB hub with a short cord would be ideal to keep the desk as neat as possible…

The only nomenclature on the two docking stations is “USB 3.0 Docking Station”. There is no model number, product number or serial number. I have the power adapters for both devices.

May be picture of the docking stations would help…

I think there are 3 of Anker Docking stations released recently and others are USB-C hubs

There’s a code printed on it.

Usually begins with an A or B and is 5 or 6 digits.

If it’s powered then one can power the other.

But in general Two hubs can’t daisy chain as the host doesn’t probe to see a hub off hub.

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