Link Flare+ and motion q


I own a flare + and was thinking of buying a motion Question quand for mobility.

Can I link these two together?


It only allows for you to connect and disconnect with other copies of the SoundCore Motion Q or Flare+.

You won’t be able to connect them together

Would be nice to be able to connect them all and use them as extensions rather than stereo pairs.


This is still possible—

  1. You can do it via BT Transmitter, pair and connect multiple BT devices,

  2. Some models of newer Android phones such as Samsung S10 can connect 2 speakers using Dual Audio

  3. Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers Using AmpMe on multiple smart phones.

I myself use a Bluetooth transmitter for pairing multiple speakers. Plus Google Home Speaker groups.

Though it would have been awesome if SoundCore could have provided this feature natively :pensive:

Flare 2 on other hand can connect to 100+ using PartyCast … Daisy chain multiple Flare 2 and play same audio

Hope this answers your query!

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Good info there @Shenoy thanks :+1: