Lights Won’t Go Off on PowerCore+ 26800 PD

The indicator lights on my PowerCore have been on for over 24 hours. Any idea why they won’t go off?

Not sure why they wont go off, but try resetting the powerbank by plugging one end of the USB cable into the port and the other end into the charge port. This should reset it and the lights should go off.
If you are still having trouble send an email to,

mine does that as well, press and hold power button for 5-10 seconds (or longer) and lights go off


Time for a firmware update :joy:

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i was a anker fan for many years but now the quality of anker product is deteriorating. i bought this charger and i had to replace 3 times in the shop and now also it have some problem i can charge my iphone 13mini only 4-5 times i had a 21000 mah powerbank it was very good had no issues but i lost it if some one returned that i will happily give away this charger