Lightning to USB type c cable?

Does Anker make one and I’ve just missed it? Would be good to pair with their type c plug in charger for fast charging.

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It’s been mentioned a few times on the forum but at present there is no USB-C to lighting cable but Anker are looking into it, see here for more information;

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Apple has not given the okay to any company to start making lightning to USB-C yet

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I ended up buying from Apple although I prefer Anker products and am also waiting to hear of an Anker Lightening to USB-C cable. Crossing fingers.

Yeah the only ones available are at the apple store, 1 Meters and 2 Meters options

You may be waiting a long time because Apple has yet to confirm they will allow licenseing of that. Apple is unique in that they want to control everything and thus by doing so they are able to control issues people may have with 3rd part cables causing issues with their devices. Not to mention they like to make and keep all profits

Yes, time will tell.

There is off the shelf cables that are available but they are not MFI certified, but do you really want to risk your phone being damaged or not charging properly because of them?

Found them at Apple