Lightning Cable Issues

I have been having some troubles with my lightning cables recently from both Anker and the official Apple cables. I am having an issue of the cable going into the device and not making good contact with the device. I have previously had an issue where the cable wasn’t fitting in just right and cleaning out the lightning port fixed it, but now it seems to be the cables themselves. You can see debris building up on the contacts on the cable ends. I have heard of people soaking the ends in vinegar previously and then letting it dry before using it. I originally was only having this issue with the cables in my cars, but seems to have become an epidemic over the last few weeks. If I swap the cable out for a clean one, it works just fine.

Any suggestions?

You can go to nearest apple store and get the cable swapped. Every apple device with which any accessories comes, comes with 1 year warranty on those accessories as well.
I have swapped 2 lightning cables due to cable tearing near connectors without issue. They will swap it as long as there is warranty on the device. I guess even with out of warranty situation they will honor the swap (just ask them nicely :slight_smile:)

I think you are saying that just the Apple cable is working right? If this is the case it might be a software bug. I had the same when I used the IOS 11 beta on it. Otherwiser you should contact the support if nobody has an idea.

Hi, sorry to hear you have a problem with your Anker lightning cables. You can contact our support by writing to and request a replacement.

We need to have your order detail, the S/N of the cable and your shipping address in order to help you get a replacement. Just to clarify, if your Anker lightning cable has a 18-month warranty and is now out of the 18-month warranty, we will not send you a replacement due to warranty restriction.

Hope it helps and have a nice day!

Even if they are Power User items? I don’t have a receipt of that.

I had to do a warranty on a power user item, message support with the information and serial number. That should tie it to the power user program and hopefully get you a replacement