Lightning Cable Charging Speeds

Which line of lightning cables provides the fastest charging speed? I am very confused with the differences between Powerline, Powerline II, and Powerline+ II. It don’t matter if the cable is nylon or not. I’m looking into 3-4 cables for on the go and at home desktop use.

As long as it’s a lightning cable made by Anker, you’ll get an improved charging speed. From my experience I haven’t noticed any difference between the Powerline +II, the Powerline II, or the original Powerline (I did a charging test with all 3, around 1-2% difference in times from 0-1000 mAh).

If you want a really fast charger I’d recommend a Power Delivery model. Of course, one made by Anker will always please. This uses USB-C, found on most modern Android phones, to give your phone up to (correct me if I’m wrong) 18 Watts to mobile devices. To use this, you would need a USB-C to Lightning cable, a Power Delivery Charger, and a device that can use it (iPhone 8 and later).

Edit Just noticed that you are asking which cable is the best. Since charging speed isn’t affected by the cable model, I’d get the best value and the length you want, such as this pack:

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Thank you. This is helpful. Since the charging speeds are similar is it safe to say the main difference between the 3 lines are the material and “bends”?

Yes that would be correct :+1:

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The up to 18W is seen on some Android phones. iPhones tend to charge slower, even in fast charge mode with a USB-C to Lightning cable. Their regular charge rate is ~5-8W, depending on battery level and activity. With a USB-C to Lightning cable (iPhone 8 and newer) they charge ~8-15W, more often on the lower end of that range. Their max draw is 9V/1.67A (15W), but that doesn’t last past 20% charge. And all fast charging stops ay 70%.

You are absolutely correct that USB-C to Lighting is the fastest charge option for newer iPhones. It just isn’t as fast as many Android phones using Quick Charge. Or the same USB Power Delivery standard Apple uses.

I am still using iPhone 7 so I don’t know much about the charging options for newer iPhones. If your computer/outlets are not USB-C do you have to use a USB to USB-C adaptor just to charge the phones?

I do plan to upgrade my phone by the Fall.

No, you’d just have to use a traditional USB-A to Lightning cable. Even if you use an adapter, it won’t fast charge.

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