LIghting Cord Not Working

We are having issues w/ multiple lightning cords not charging our iPhones (models 7, 8 and X). All iPhones have fully updated software.

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Hey @sjbrown231
Sorry to hear you are having issues.

Its odd to have multiple cables go faulty, unless they have all been damaged at the same time.

Have you tried a different charger?
Does the original Apple lead work?

If you tried the above to no avail, make contact with support. and include the serial number of the cable/s including your proof of purchase from an authorised dealer and they will help you quick smart.

Try a different charger!
may be this is broken.
Its not normal that ALL cables dont work.
And do not forget to check the socket if there is any debris (clean it!)

Try a different charger, outlet and make sure they are connected all the way in, if none of that works, you have a faulty cable