Lighting cable giveaway

Is it me or is there a booby on this?

I thought iPhone X/8/8+ were all usb-c , so they wouldn’t need or want a lightning cable?

All of the aforementioned iPhones are still use a lightning connector not USB type C

When fast charging the phones you mentioned, a USB-C to Lightning cable is included. However, this requires a separate power delivery enabled wall charger (neither the fast charging capable wall charger or required cable are included).

Ah, ok. I just presumed as they had quick charge, they’d need to use a usb-c lead?

That’s buggered up my hope, of usb-c leads getting cheaper n more available.

I have the 8+ which is charged via lightning cable. However, I use my Anker wireless charger to charge my phone. And it does so very quickly I might add!

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