Life Q30

i have had these for a just 2 days now. and a few things stick to my mind.

  1. first i noticed was the carying thing was not as i have seen on other pictures.
    was kinda disapointed. but we will see.

  2. i have used it for my pc. as i have noisy neighburs.
    and want to use it. thats why i bough them.
    but they pops form time to time. static or somehting. but the pops are kinda loud. so it works against
    its purpose. of canceling noise…

its running firmware 1.9.

  1. i have had issues using NFC. it might be my fault. but i have tryed several things. and meny times.
    but no luck…
    also its been kinda hard to connect via bluetooth. but i got it to work. after a few tryes.

  2. i will continue to use them until its too much popping… as it might go away. i hope.?
    eny one else with semilar experience ? and posible fix ?

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