Life Q30 Transparency Mode

Got the new Life Q30 as a Christmas present to myself, and I really like them, especially the Transparency mode - does anyone know if there is a way to set that mode as a default when powering on? It’s not that doing the hand-on-the-right-ear thing is hard, but I almost never need ANC to be on (just use them in my home office), so being able to set the default would be even better.

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I have the Q30 and the app and I conclude no there is no way right now. When its in normal, turn off then on, they stay in normal, if I put into noise cancelling, turn off / on, they stay in noise cancelling, when I put into transparency mode, off/on, they are in normal. I’ve tried the app method and the buttons.

It is not a bad idea, not an unreasonable ask, to do as you ask as the other modes are “sticky” already, to make all modes sticky. I’d submit a feature request both in the Soundcore community and email support with the feature request. It may be in the works already, or they decided to not do it or you may be the first to have thought of it.

This one is almost certainly a firmware upgrade need so would involve real time to modify firmware and you’d be seeking to get enough people asking for it (or add your voice to others already asked) and cross fingers.


That was a remarkably helpful and well-written reply. Thank you very much!

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