Life Q30 Multipoint Connectivity

I got my Q30 recently. I originally planned to use it between my Windows 10 PC and Android Phone. However, there is this problem when I use multipoint. Whenever it switches to PC, it doesn’t switch back to my phone even if I paused on PC.
I will have to turn off bluetooth on PC to get it to output sounds on phone.
Are there any fix for this? Or any part that I am doing it wrong.

Do these headphone really support those dual connectivity.
You can ask there for more information :slight_smile:

Yes these are multipoint for connection but not for concurrent sound. So I suspect the Win10 isn’t actually stopped sending sound, there will be something keeping it tied to Win10. I’d just disconnect on the Win10 and to be sure turn off Win10 Bluetooth.

Most threads involving Win10 are more problematic.

So I am really happy not be involved by such MS problems.
All speaker I use are working perfectly with LINUX.
LINUX and bt was usually a real mess. in the past, but now its OK.
And I don’t use any speaker in such multipoint connections.
I have only one old device the LENOVO T410s (an antiquity :rofl:)

Oh, I forgot, there is an old Macbook from ca 2012 stored in the cupboard.
(Intel) . No more updates available → Apple :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Works, but I can install LINUX, whenever there is a need.

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