Life Q20

Hi I have problem with LifeQ20 headphones. Battery full but turns off with no reason at all. Sometimes working 5 seconds, sometimes 5 minutes. Wanted to return item but support does not answer anymore regarding return shipping address and form.

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Try a reset and delete the headphones from the bt list of your device you are connecting to.

Give them time to answer, if in a couple of days they don’t answer, try sending them a new email about it.
Best of luck

Power button sticky? Perhaps connection to your device is spotty and senses no signal and auto power off?

As previously mentioned, with support, be patient. They are coming up on New Years so hopefully you hear back next week.



  • proof of purchase
  • serial number
  • description of problem
  • all you have done already to attempt to fix, noting they will tell you to do a full reset a couple of times so ensure you done that already.

Your symptons look like a sticky button, look up methods to safely clean electronics.


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