Life Q20 Headphones keep shutting off

I just unboxed a brand-new pair of Life Q20 headphones yesterday, and the first day they worked perfectly fine. Now, when connected through bluetooth, they will shut off every 1-5 minutes, no matter what I am doing on my computer. They were also connected to my phone, but even after un-pairing them from both my phone and my laptop, resetting the headphones, then re-pairing to only my laptop, the same issue is present. Sometimes they work wonderfully for 20 minutes or so after troubleshooting and I think they’re fixed, but then they stop working again a bit later. They are fully charged and I have tried every fix I could find in these forums multiple times. Does anyone know anything else I can do, or do I have to replace them already?

Are you sure they are fully charged? Sounds to me like they are powering off due to low battery

Whenever I power them on, they say “battery high”, so I assume they are getting a full charge.