Life P2 earbuds not connecting to anything anymore

I have had my Life P2 earbuds for a few months now as I got them on christmas and they’ve been great. but today when I got home from work one of the earbuds wasn’t connecting so I decided to reset the earbuds. after the reset neither earbud would connect. both still make sound when turned on but won’t connect to any devices. I have tried resetting multiple times and they don’t make the connecting sound

Please contact

Are you trying a fresh pairing after a reset to your end device (remove all previous records from the phone/tablet etc)?

If you are and are still having connection issues you would be best reaching out to as suggested by @Insider for assistance under your included warranty.

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Did you reset the buds this way?

Had the same problem however resetting facilitated both earbuds connections simultaneously…Thanks for your help